Oy! you! Yes you know who you are….read this !

Dropped into a recent telephone conversation from an old friend (yes, you do know who you are) , he said…(there’s a clue, he must be male)

When I see your blog on Facebook, I read the first paragraph, and don’t go on any further because I say to myself , I am no longer involved in the business so I don’t need to know any of this 

Well what is ‘this’? Trying reading a bit more this time to find out.

With two months remaining for the current fiscal year to come to an end, the execution of the Finance ministry budget is at 96 per cent, according to Rwamuganza.

 Rwamuganza also said that Rwanda will continue to enhance savings and lending in the long term through treasury bonds.

As of February 2017, Rwanda had issued Treasury Bonds worth over Rwf190 billion since 2008, according to figures from the National Bank of Rwanda.

Rwanda NewTimes May 11th 2017

That has absolutely nothing to do with the Party Industry. So what has it got to do with ? Nothing(unless you are Rwandan) and everything.

We are all , to some degree, guilty of being judgemental. Everyone of us, at sometime makes an assumption about something or someone with very little information to support our beliefs.

All individuals and all societies, no matter where in the world, make judgement calls on the basis that they can’t be bothered, don’t have access to the resources , or just assume there is nothing more to know. It can stretch from Pacific Islanders thinking the Duke of Edinburgh is a god, to a native of these islands,who doesn’t want to travel abroad because they can’t stand foreign  food , yet they probably have a curry once a week ( is that foreign food?). 

Even on a more mundane level, don’t watch news, cos it is always bad….don’t watch telly cos it is rubbish….don’t read books, they’re boring….aubergine? Naah, foreign muck….I can almost guarantee that we will have one conversation, every day, in which either party will make a call on something or someone, which is completely unsubstantiated.

Occasionally, we won’t have access to relevant information (as with the Pacific Islanders!) to make the correct judgment. But that is not what this about . This is questioning our proclivity to making lazy judgements. Regrettably, we all loose out because of this tendency. We don’t eat things , see, hear or read things, engage with particular individuals , go to places, because we can’t be fagged to investigate.

These are a few examples of common ‘judging a book by its cover’ or alternatively, ‘ you don’t know until you tried it’ :Japanese food, Manon des Sources, Mary Beard, The Wire, War and Peace, and of course the French.

Now here a few things I wish I had been judgemental and knew less about…Trump, macaroni (hate it with a passion and I have eaten it a lot , a long time ago ), Richard Branson , Campari (even though it looks nice),  Towie, Lassie, and any biography of anyone alive under 40.

Does it matter ? Yes and sort of no. Yes, because we all miss out making inaccurate decisions and inevitably miss out on somethings that we like. No, because History is littered with horrendous events where decisions have been made on assumptions and little knowledge and there is no reason to think that will change.

So back the Rwanda NewTimes. I have seen this article (or rather I found for my idle mate) and I assume it has no relevance to me but I shan’t take the time to find out. And my friend, well if he did not read on he will not find out he is an idle git.

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