Fats and figures……

No it’s not a spelling mistake but sounds more interesting than facts and figures, which is really the subject of this short post.

Fact:It has just been reported that Amazon accounts for virtually 40% of all online sales within the USA.This is quite an extraordinary figure, and whilst I don’t know  how this stacks up in the UK, it is surely an indicator of what is likely to happen over here.

Fact & Figures:Figures announced in the UK during the last week show record retail sales in November. Part of this increase has been attributed to Black Friday. What it does not show, whether it is accurate or not, is the cost ie the profitability of this increase(or lack of). Neither does it show whether it has taken sales from another period especially December. This will only be shown when the December figures are in. We are pretty good in the UK in creating Sales events, when  we do not actually need them ; ie when consumers are already in the mood to spend. It invariably leads to loss of margin.

Fortunately, the latter is one aspect of retailing that I suspect has little impact on our market place. About five years ago Halloween margins were threatened when the big discounters decided they wanted a slice of it. Yet Party retailers, neatly side stepped this by not trying to compete and sold products and ranges the discounters couldn’t. It is difficult to imagine when a sale can ever be beneficial in our market place apart from clearing old stock. The biggest threat to margins, within our sector, still remains online vs bricks and mortar.

Fat Fact Figure: I have just read an article that says the government is funding trials in the new year, for driverless deliveries. Does this mean the end of the fat figure driving white vans?

So down to the title. The only relevant ‘Fat’ figure, is the one who should be dropping down your chimney , or equivalent residential entry point with a whole load of goodies, within the next few days.

Here’s to a very Happy Christmas and loads of money being spent on New Year’s Eve parties.

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