RU in …or..are RU out ?

It is not for me to open up any debate on this momentous decision . I will express my disgust with both sides on the appalling campaigns on both sides of the argument. It reinforces the publics poor opinion on (mainly) politicians and their pursuit of personal opportunism disguised in the cloak of democracy. One side has bleated on about ‘pie in the sky’ proposals that they would not be in a position to introduce. The other side created a doomsday scenario that just puts everybody’s backs up.

There is much that will effect our market no matter which way the vote goes. I Just want to urge everyone to vote. If you have thought through the arguments and are personally convinced by this process, then go for it . From the outset everyone demanded facts . This was never going to happen, as there are no real facts but both campaigns have managed to cobble together a load of ‘tosh and piffle’ and in some cases just plain lies . Consequently, if either side drones on about the result, they will have only  themselves to blame.

In a general election, nearly 40% of the population don’t vote , either through apathy, disillusionment or because they feel that none of the parties represent them. With the referendum ultimately there is only one excuse and that is apathy (and  not a particularly good one at that). 

Hence, therefore, so and thus , if you are comfortable with your decision , whichever it is , go and vote on Thursday , because there will be no going back  and no second chances.

There, short and sweet, not a comment you can level at the referendum campaign ! 

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