Brexit Update ……….Utter Tosh !


This is a rant ! I have made it clear from  the beginning that I am a remainer who accepts the referendum result, consequently I am not going to drone on about whats good or bad. However, I will rant on about the one constant head line or title throughout this exercise and that is ‘Brexit Update’.

From Day 1 or 2 (depending on how you count it), there has been a continuous flow of absolute garbage. No matter what side of the fence you may sit on it remains as garbage. Nothing has been updated because there is little to update. Nobody really knows from day to day what is or has happened. If it does, a week later it is denied, changed or the other side says something like ….that is not quite what we meant….

Before, I go any further, there is something even more distasteful and that is ….what Brexit means for you…..all the media, journalists, politicians, social media, on a daily basis offer advice as to what it means for me and sixty five million other Brits. So how do they know ? They don’t , they haven’t a clue, it is all hypothecation at best. And each and everyone of them has a different proposition. Is it helpful? Is it heck. More to the point it is distinctly unhelpful. The majority of politicians, journalists and bureaucrats of all hues, are following their own agendas and have no concerns for the wider populace.There will be those who take notice, only to be completely confused because shortly afterwards they are told something completely different, by the very same person who told them something completely different the day before.

Please will somebody out there tell me, what is that makes this large group of uninformed (because there is nothing yet to know. The playing field keeps changing and who, as in been involved with any serious negotiations, tells all around what they are actually discussing ) think they are being helpful?Perhaps, there are some who can pre-plan and need to. A bit like Y2K ( the millennium bug,that wasn’t) there be a host of ‘consultants ‘ who will profit handsomely, from universal ignorance. Journalists revel in the ability to write about bucket loads of ‘ifs and maybes’ because there is nobody to prove them wrong. Politicians are having a ‘hay day ‘ as they keep their heads down whilst all around them chaos reigns.

That’s it I have ranted ! But I have one last question, and I want to underline that I am asking this question as a remainer….

Dear Mr Barnier, why are you conducting these negotiations on the premise that you cannot allow the U.K. to leave on too good a deal as everyone else will want to up-sticks and leave . Surely, if the EU were that bloody wonderful, your strongest hand would be that the U.K. can leave on favourable grounds and remain confident that the remaining members will just wave goodbye, being delighted that there is one less to share the goodies

If he can’t answer, why not ?

Sorry Mr B, here’s one more. If the EU rules, regs and norms must be adhered to. No matter what, how come Germany was the first country in 2003 to break the deficit rules that apply to all Euro Zone countries and they agreed with France , that the rules did not apply. And since 2007 it has broken the EU Current account rules concerning the size of its trade surplus vs economic output.

one last thing Mr B , have you seen this table……

So I will leave it at that. Sorry, ‘ leave’ only refers to the rant.

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