Brexit Update….(perhaps most overused title in the U.K. media )

Firstly, let me repeat that I am a remainer, who voted remain, accepted the result and just wants to move on.

Secondly, I have said before that there is really no such thing as a Brexit update as it meaningless and still nobody has a clue . I would go further and say, that with every day that passes everyone has even less of a clue.

Thirdly, it’s my version of an ‘update’ relating to a particular situation that is determinable (as determined by me).

Over the last twelve months various customers have said that Brexit had effected spending within their stores. For a while I doubted this , feeling that there were other factor’s in play. However, recent discussions with various retailers , there has been a common thread, paraphrased as follows …

Many of my customers that come into my store,have said that due to their concerns about Brexit, they are not going to spend as much…

So there you go, it’s not scientific, but is being repeated too often to be ignored . My Brexit update is that it is effecting consumer spending, or at very least , with my customers.

That’s it , short, concise and to the point. Factors that do not apply to anything else connected to ‘Brexit ‘. Gotta to be a first.

Sorry , one last thing, an itch I have wanted to scratch for the last twenty four hours. Perhaps the most brilliant and innovative political thought that has occurred since the Greeks came up the idea of Democracy . Bozzo’s idea of a Minister of ‘a no deal Brexit ‘.

When someone is appointed as a Minister, they may have an interest but little knowledge about the area over which they preside. The Minister is able to function (?) because they are supported by a group of civil servants , who have some experience and a level of knowledge . So ‘Mop Head’ is proposing a Ministry , where not only will the Minister have no idea is happening, nor will the civil servants. Then, they can issue daily updates on how nobody knows anything about anything to people who already know they don’t know, so everybody can be as unprepared as everyone else. Brilliant and flawless!

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