Did The French invent Coronavirus ?

Albert Uderzo is not a name that would immediately spring to mind. But the pic above might and he is the Guy that created Asterix. Unfortunately he died last week aged 92. Nothing to do with Covid apparently. It was a heart attack and he did like booze and fags, his own words (not booze and fags of course, more pastis et gauloise , as he was French).

In 2008 he sold the rights to publisher Hachette Livre. and in 2011 he gave up illustrating the books but continued to support the continuation of the stories .

So what’s this got to do with the price of bread. An amazing piece of prescience on behalf of the new creators of the aforesaid Asterix. In 2017, there features a character called …..drum roll….Coronavirus. Who is, of course, a masked villain who will stop at nothing to win.

Courtesy of the Financial Times

So there you are. Now you know and I have nothing more to say on the subject ! The only other thing to be said is that he did not win (Coronavirus that is).

Oh, and except you can see clearly from this that the French did not invent coronavirus. They, positively fought against it. However, the nasty little git must have shoved of to Asia and had a bash there .

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