Where have all these New Accounts come from ?

This post is somewhat different , as I would really appreciate some feedback.

It is not why have I been so extraordinarily successful in lining up a huge number of new customers. It is about WHY AND WHO ARE THEY ?

It is not without exaggeration that since about March of 2022 there has been a flow of requests to open a new account. Some weeks it has been quite literally one a day . Some out there would say what are you moaning about ?

I am not.

But I am deeply suspicious .

Why ?

There are so many and there a number of common features within most of them …

  • Most have only been a registered company from anything between 2 weeks and 12 months
  • They clearly have know idea what we are selling
  • Some of the language construction within the request is not everyday English ( example below) . Despite the sole director being British(but not always) (UK Gov web site)
  • They only have one director
  • The company registered office is often a residential address
  • Many have their personal residential addresses in a different continent (Directors)
  • There is a ‘generic’ style web site populated with few products
  • There are other issues but best not listed

We have found your amazing products during our product research and we are very much willing to start selling on your brand listings on Amazon as well as on our Website. We will surely use our resources for advertising your brand on Amazon. Kindly let us know are you allowing new registrations right now? We are ready to start. To follow business Ethics and Morals is always our first priority.

An extract from a recent enquiry -trading since Nov 2021

Strangely over the last couple of weeks , the rate of this type of enquiry has dropped . If I was being very sceptical, I would suggest that there is a connection and that my refusals had somehow passed a message down the chain. That said I got another new one two days ago.

So if anyone out there has had similar experiences or have some suggestions as to why this might be happening, would appreciate your thoughts .

Some have suggested it is an outcome of Covid (another one). People having time to sit and think it’s worth a try with an online business. I don’t buy that. I do buy something that is called aggregation which involves large purchases of stock and sold on market places under generic listings . This channel is suspected of using ‘shell companies’ to sell on the market places .

So anybody out there who has experienced anything similar, let me know . Anybody out there has some idea or suggestions as to why this is happening, let me know . Or just as importantly, is there anyone out there ?