Pig Shit, Bullshit ….It’s the way Forward .

Farmers are building Hydro electric plants to power cryptocurrency mines

My Wife

Were the words I woke up to recently . To which I responded ….

What bullshit have you been listening to ?


Julia, if not sleeping well listens to various stuff through a mini radio during the night , therefore random and often somewhat bizarre facts are not unusual upon awakening . Yet in this case, it was neither random but it was slightly bizarre. It was a Farming Programme . Me thinks I need to investigate this further and ask our own little philosopher .

Ari, is Julia talking Bullshit or Pig Shit ?

Aristotle Speaks

So, Julia was correct.

Farmers with renewable energy sources like anaerobic digestion can earn 10 times more running crypto mining machines than selling energy to providers

By Rupert Steiner June 2021 http://www.marketwatch.com

U.K.-based Josh Riddett, who started Easy Crypto Hunter in 2017 in Manchester, has carved a niche selling farmers equipment powered by renewable energy such as anaerobic digestion, which turns animal dung into energy.

……Farmers with renewable energy sources like solar, hydro, wind or anaerobic digestion can sell their power back to energy companies for around 4-7 pence per kilowatt-hour — but they can earn up to 10 times that running a crypto mining machine instead.

As Above
Josh Riddett with Cow
A new biofuel installation designed to power cryptocurrency mining. (Credits: Easy Crypto Hunter / SWNS)

I, really, don’t know where to go with this . My image of a farmer, wearing brown trousers, piece of corn grass hanging out the side of their mouth, collarless shirt, red cheeks and hands the size of footballs, has been blown out the water . Has it been replaced by thick glasses, a pizza stained T shirt, pale complexion, blood shot eyes and cans of Dr Pepper(most tech nerds are based in North America- yes I know not all) on the table ? I think not. There will be many farmers out there who would rightly claim they make little enough out of farming fields. What’s there to loose ?

A lot. Life is not quite as simple as I don’t make much on that so I will do that instead. Farming for food production is an essential .Crypto currency is not. Moreover, Cryptocurrency is a huge gamble . It is a bet, sometimes a scam, no more (yet). I have no doubt Cryptocurrencies are here to stay in some form or other but it will not replace Farming. Besides, if farmers stopped rearing Pigs , where is all the shit going to come from to keep the Crypto Mines Working.

That said, it got Julia and I to thinking. We approached Aristotle with a view to using his poo for a something similar but maybe on a slightly smaller scale. He said Dont be bloody stupid, you are barking up the wrong tree. You have missed the boat. Dogecoin was developed in 2013……..Seriously Dogecoin is a trading platform for Cryptocurrency.

 Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, Software engineers & the Developers of Dogecoin

Will Farmers continue to move from agriculture to mining cryptocurrencies ? Will Tech Nerds become Pig Farmers ?

No. But as the old cliched phrase ‘Where there is muck, there is brass’ resonates once again, there is no doubt that there will be rapid changes in farming practices as there will be in the way money is transacted . Farming essential, money essential , renewables now essential, it only needs a small leap in imagination….. Ask Aristotle.